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Project and Program Management

The more complex the technology involved in the project, the more important are the people who manage and use that technology.

BreakThrough Communications believes that the first step in managing technical projects is understanding the needs of all the people involved, including managers, developers, and the eventual users of the projectís output. Many of the projects we manage depend on getting people from different vocations, departments, geographic regions, and even companies to think and act as a team.

For example, we have created and managed the processes for designing, integrating, and implementing networking solutions for the customers of a major network server manufacturer.

Though the processes we created for this customer are proprietary, the methods we used to develop and manage those processes are available to meet your project management needs.

Recent Project and Program Management experience includes:

  • Project Management, managing direct reports and contractors(8 yrs.)
  • Marketing Program Management, managing virtual teams & contractors (2 yrs.)
  • Service and Support Program Mgmt., managing virtual teams & contractors (3 yrs.)

Updated 07.01.09

For more information, E-Mail us, or write: Breakthrough Communications, 4923 W. National Rd., Springfield OH 45504.