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For IP Creators:

For IP Clients:

BTC Resources for Information Product Clients and Professionals

What is an Information Product (IP)?  Simply put, any document or medium that conveys professional, business, or technical information targeted to a specific audience.   This can include manuals, brochures, web sites, audio or video tapes, presentations, live broadcasts, and a host of other possibilities.  In fact, one of the essential parts of planning any Information Product project is deciding exactly what kind of Information Product to create.

Breakthrough Communications and our affiliates have many years of experience developing hundreds of kinds of Information Products.  Along the way, we've learned few things about how to and how not to run Information Product projects.

This portion of the Breakthrough Communications web site is dedicated to help IP professionals:

  • Create better IPs
  • Work more efficiently, and
  • Manage their careers more effectively
To improve relationships between the IP and client community, this section also has resources to help IP clients:
  • Qualify their IP needs
  • Select the best IP professionals for the job, and
  • Manage IP projects

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Updated 07.01.09

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