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Paul Race's Music Site Home Page

Paul with GoodTime Banjo

Coming from a family that loved all kinds of music, Paul learned early to appreciate the Weavers, Romberg, Gershwin, Leadbelly, Basie, Coltrane, and Seeger. He also learned to play much of that music, on guitar, banjo, and saxophone. Later, he learned to love and play the music of Peter, Paul, and Mary, Buffy St. Marie, Cat Stevens, Chicago, BS&T, Rich Mullins, Larry Norman, Second Chapter of Acts, Jim Croce, CS&N, and many others.

To the songs Paul learned from his heros, he added songs he wrote himself. For decades, he performed them in just about any kind of performance situation you can imagine - coffeehouses, festivals, churches, schools, nightclubs, camps, street fairs - you name it.

Recently, Paul has focused more on helping other folks get and stay involved in music. But folks who remember Paul's songs occasionally ask him where his "artist" page is. So we're updating a site that Paul first put together when he was "gigging" regularly and HTML was in its infancy.

We are still adding links to new resources, on this and other sites. So Stay Tuned.

In the meantime, here are some of the resources we have so far:

Other Resources

Related music-oriented web pages include:

  • Creek Don't Rise is a web site about American folk music forms and information about the history of the American Heartland, especially the National Road. The forums provide a place for questions and answers about related music, history, and music career topics.

  • Classic Train Songs is a web page about songs about trains.

  • started out as a placeholder for resources for young CCM musicians and would-be worship leaders. But Paul mentioned some of his saxophones in one article, and started getting so many questions that the site is now almost half saxophone articles.

  • started to keep the "how to shop for" articles about folk instruments from cluttering up the "how to play" articles.

  • Family Christmas Music discusses traditional Christmas songs.

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