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Purpose and audience determine format.

Anyone can build web pages, produce videos, write blogs or books or presentations, or otherwise create media for communicating important information.  But deciding which format to use for a particular need requires a higher level of experience. The kind that comes with interacting with all kinds of users in all kinds of circumstances.  Paul Race has been doing this since 1980, for audiences that include PhDs, computer operators, factory workers, forth-graders and many more, in settings that include technical, academic, and industrial.

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Where is the old Breakthrough Communications web page?

If it looks like I've rebooted this web page it's because I have.  Please stay tuned while I test templates and upload content.

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Print, graphics, and other media have long been used to communicate important information.  Yes, we use modern technology - sometimes our clients even force us out onto the "bleeding edge."  But even more important is the ability to learn how other folks learn and the best way to share information of any kind.

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Breakthrough Communications(tm) has provided professional and technical communications solutions to large and small businesses since 1995.  From technical and training manuals to business web sites and instructional videos, if you can print it on a page or show it on a screen, we've probably planned, designed, written, edited, produced, and published it.We have established this web site to answer questions and to provide a resource for those who provide and and for those who use professional and technical communication services.

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